80 POUNDS: 30 workouts in 30 days

With my motivation slacking, I’ve decided to challenge myself
and give my workout schedule a shot of adrenaline.

I’m challenging myself to workout 30 times in 30 days. It’s a bit
daunting to know that I won’t be able to take a day off but I’m
excited to begin the challenge.

I will do cardio, which will consist mainly of running or the
elliptical, every day for 30 days. Each cardio session will be at
least 40 minutes in length but I can choose to extend that to
however long I want. The difficult part for me will be finding the
motivation to doing the same activity for 40 minutes without
getting bored.

Recently, the earbuds I use for my iPod broke, so that forces me to
either watch TV with no sound or listen to the people huffing and
puffing next to me in the gym. Both options are dreadful.

Aside from the cardio, I’ll also be lifting weights at least four
times a week. As I’ve said before, I only do upper body workouts
since the cardio keep my legs strong and lean-ish. The body groups
I’ll be working during my weight training workouts are arms, chest,
back and abs.

I’m sticking to the workouts that have been successful recently.
I’ll be doing about seven exercises with three sets of 12
repetitions. Ab exercises will consist of three sets of 20

Aside from my sluggish motivation as of late, the biggest factor
for me is scheduling. Since I’m commuting from Pennsylvania to
work, morning workouts aren’t a possibility. I’m sticking to
workouts at night. Fridays will be the most difficult time for
scheduling. I have to make sure I give myself enough time to get my
workouts in on Friday nights before my gym closes.

That’s the plan. It sounds simple enough but discouragement can
creep in any time so I have to stay on my toes. Tonight is my first
workout of the 30 day challenge. Wish me luck!

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