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Top Three Ab Exercises

Do you want to look down and see the ever elusive 6-pack on your belly? Have you been spending hours in the gym doing stomach crunches trying to bring out those abs? You may be wasting your time doing the wrong ¬†exercises. While a large majority of obtaining a 6-pack is done in the kitchen […]

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Ab Exercises from Around the World

How It Works To slim your waistline in record time, check out this around-the-globe tour of the top tummy toners. Do two sets of each move, completing all ten in any order to target your abs from all angles. Afata Trainer: Anna-Rita Sloss, creator of the Hot Hula class at 24 Hour Fitness Targets: Ab […]

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Fat Burning Foods

All of the following fat burning foods are clinically shown to promote weight loss. These foods go a stride beyond merely adding no fat to your system, they have exceptional properties that add zip to your system and assist your body melt away unhealthy pounds. These astounding fat burning foods can restrain your appetite for […]

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Belly Fat in Men

In gyms, playing fields, beaches, and bedrooms across the country, our bodies are constantly being measured. And in dressing room mirrors and on bathroom scales, we’re constantly measuring ourselves. But let’s set aside those vanity measurements and concentrate on measuring ourselves by a different set of criteria–the number of fat cells we’re carrying. The average […]

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Belly Fat in Women

As you age and your metabolism start to slow down, the percentage of fat in your body slowly increases. This happens even quicker for women than men. In fact, after menopause, distribution of body fat tends to transfer less in other parts of your body such as hips, arms, and legs, to more in your […]

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