Abdominal Exercise Tips

Stretch for MORE muscle… New Video from Vince Del Monte

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Stretch for MORE muscle? New Video from Vince Del Monte I couldn’t believe how much muscle building expert recommended good ol fashioned stretching to promote more muscle growth… Lazy Man’s Guide To Stretching For More Muscle http://bit.ly/fpPSZ6 <= full routine In this episode of Vinny’s Live Large TV show he also shares 4 recovery tactics […]

How to Get Great Abs Without Hurting Yourself

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By Tina Tuszynski   What’s the No. 1 accessory you need for the upcoming summer season?  How about a toned tummy?  Even if you’re not planning on donning a swimsuit, clothing just hangs so much better when you don’t have that ab flab. I wish we could buy great abs at Macy’s along with our […]

Lower Ab Exercise – Killer Home Routine – Start Now For Results

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 Lower Ab Exercise   Killer Home Routine   Start Now For Results

You can achieve a nice six pack abs if you complete a good lower ab exercise program in your ab routine. The secret to achieving a nice six pack is to take action and be consistent in working out, especially in doing lower ab exercise. There are tons of routines out there and many videos […]

8 Wonder ways for a flat tummy

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Blame it on SRK’s six-pack-magic, Aamir’s eight-pack-charisma or Priyanka’s hot bikini bod, but flaunting the flattest tummy and a set of well toned abs is the latest dream for many youngsters. But, they usually tend to forget that it takes more than just basic crunches and crash dieting to carve a drool worthy, flat stomach. […]

Feeling the burn using the bar – About

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Quote  |  Reply Yesterday I decided to change up my routine and used the bar that is attached to the metal frame and put 10 lbs weights on both sides.  I did lunges and squats.  I did 4 sets of 25 rep.  for each move. I felt my heart rate go up and I was […]