Abdominal Fat Reduction

Ab Exercises from Around the World

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Afata A

How It Works To slim your waistline in record time, check out this around-the-globe tour of the top tummy toners. Do two sets of each move, completing all ten in any order to target your abs from all angles. Afata Trainer: Anna-Rita Sloss, creator of the Hot Hula class at 24 Hour Fitness Targets: Ab […]

Belly Fat in Women

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As you age and your metabolism start to slow down, the percentage of fat in your body slowly increases. This happens even quicker for women than men. In fact, after menopause, distribution of body fat tends to transfer less in other parts of your body such as hips, arms, and legs, to more in your […]

Obesity is an Epidemic

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You see it every day, news and information that bring to the front our problem with our weight. It is a national problem.  And it’s not just in America.  Nations all across the world are becoming heavier, largely in part to the ‘Westernization’ of their diets and the availability of fast food. It’s not just your older […]

Rapid Weight Reduction Plan – The Key Factors Of A Rapid Weight Loss

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A success in following a rapid weight loss routine could be the best experience that ever happens for every seriously over-weight person. Being over-weight can affect you in various ways, you might feel depressed, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and feeling physically limited.

Losing Belly Fat and Your Waistline

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Losing Belly Fat and Your Waistline Countless individuals have been fighting the uphill and arduous battle to trim their waistline for years. Your midsection is one of the toughest areas to slim down, and often the most difficult to maintain. Losing abdominal fat and losing weight in general have become even more of a challenge […]