How To Beat The Disgusting Nuisance Of Tubbiness

Because you clicked on the title of this article, and are reading it now, you likely have a weight problem of some sort. Well, welcome to the most popular club in America today. Two thirds of American adults are overweight, or clinically obese.

And being overweight doesn’t come by itself. It brings along all kinds of other health problems with it.Of course, without the extra weight, many of these problems will vanish.

So why are we so fat? Were Americans always fat or is it just a recent thing? If took a look back a hundred years or so, you’d notice that very few people were fat back then. What was different?

First of all, peoples lifestyles were much different back then. People had much more active lives. Most people had to work hard physical labor to make a living. Today most people sit at a desk.

Those of us that go to the gym, even several times a week, don’t work out nearly as hard as people used to do for a living. We just don’t get the exercise that we used to.

The second, and much more complicated reason is that the food we eat today is vastly different than the food we ate a hundred years ago. Before, most of the food people at was very fresh, and grown locally.

Contrast that to now, when most everything you can find to eat has been processed, chemically altered, and filled with preservatives. This can’t be good for us.

The problem is, we have little choice in the food we eat on a regular basis. Finding fresh, locally grown food is not only difficult, but extremely expensive if you can find a natural grocer nearby.

All the food you can find today, no matter where you get it, is likely filled with preservatives and chemicals.

It’s no surprise then, why we are becoming a nation of obese people. We are kept at desks, fed unhealthy food, and then shamed for being overweight. It’s not our fault.

The biggest scam is that there are corporations and companies that make billions of dollars every year from selling you food that makes you fat and unhealthy.

But when you figure out how to eat healthy, and get a little bit of exercise, you can start to take your life back, little by little. It may take a little motivation and willpower, but it’s your life. It’s important.

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