Learning About The Every Other Day Diet Plan

Dieting is hard work, just ask anyone who has ever dieted or is currently dieting. Traditional diets have food restrictions and strict guidelines on what you can eat, almost setting you up for failure. When you are deprived of what you love best, you are more likely to give into cravings and stop dieting. When something comes along that allows you to eat what you like and still lose weight like the program Every Other Day Diet, people stand in line to get their chance at trying it.

But what exactly is it? The basis of the diet is a thing called “calorie cycling” or “calorie shifting”. Basically this plan tricks the body into believing no calories are being restricted, when in fact they are. One day you’ll have high protein meals to burn fat and on the following day you eat your favorite foods in moderation. This is said to keep the metabolism from slowing down so the body continues to burn fat and lose weight.

This is a program of cycles, “feed days” and “burn days”. When you are on a burn day you eat meals that are high in protein and low in calories. You will cut calories on those days from one third to half of your normal daily intake. When you are on a feed day you get to eat whatever you want aiming for 150% of your normal calorie intake, but will need to maintain controlled portions. There are those that choose to fast every other day, this is not part of the program nor encouraged.

The good news with that is that there is no sacrificing. On the days you can eat what you want you’ll be able to go ahead and eat those chips, candies, and even fast food if you choose. But you want to do this with control and moderation. It won’t help if you eat a week’s worth of calories during one feed day. This will only hurt your chances of success.

Some people need structure and guidelines when they do anything, even dieting and will find that this may be the right plan for them. There is a guide that tells you what you should eat and how much you need to eat, this way you know the right foods to choose from. There are also some recipes for meals and snacks included in the plan to help you get started.

The plan comes with three primary programs to choose from, and it is recommended to always start with the first. The Primer program is the most flexible and allows you to basically eat whatever you want every other day. The Lifestyle program follows and with this one, there are only two “feed days”, meaning you only have two days a week to each whatever you want. The strictest of programs is the Extreme: this is meant for bodybuilders and athletes.

There are three conditions that come with program in order to make it work for you. The creator stresses that you need to be dedicated to succeed. He also states that there must be some form of exercise incorporated into your life, which is the only way to successfully burn the fat. Lastly, you must be realistic with yourself. Weight doesn’t ever just melt off overnight and you need to be reasonable and set attainable goals.

This program, Every Other Day Diet, is easy to follow and doesn’t follow the traditional diet ways, which is why it works. The success stories can be seen all over the internet, not only from athletes, but from everyday people. Going into this program with dedication, willingness, and reasonable expectations can make this a success for you too.

If you need to lose weight fast, you might need some tips and tricks to get the job done. Losing weight fast might get you into a smaller size dress or provide better overall health.


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