List of Supplements to Avoid According to Consumer Reports

As many people know, prescription drugs and OTC medicines are subject to approval and regulation by the FDA.  A large segment of what people put into their bodies, in the form of dietary supplements, is not.  Billions of dollars are spent annually on supplements for everything from weight loss to nutritional support, and although most supplements are innocuous, others can be harmful.

Consumer Reports has identified 12 supplement ingredients that should be avoided because of health risks, including cardiovascular, liver, and kidney problems.  These include

  1. aconite
  2. bitter orange
  3. chaparral
  4. colloidal silver
  5. coltsfoot,
  6. comfrey
  7. country mallow
  8. germanium
  9. greater celandine
  10. kava
  11. lobelia
  12. yohimbe

As always, make sure to read the labels of any supplement you are taking, and do your due diligence to investigate any ingredients you are unfamiliar with.

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