List of Supplements to Avoid According to Consumer Reports

As many people know, prescription drugs and OTC medicines are subject to approval and regulation by the FDA.  A large segment of what people put into their bodies, in the form of dietary supplements, is not.  Billions of dollars are spent annually on supplements for everything from weight loss to nutritional support, and although most supplements are innocuous, others can be harmful.

Consumer Reports has identified 12 supplement ingredients that should be avoided because of health risks, including cardiovascular, liver, and kidney problems.  These include

  1. aconite
  2. bitter orange
  3. chaparral
  4. colloidal silver
  5. coltsfoot,
  6. comfrey
  7. country mallow
  8. germanium
  9. greater celandine
  10. kava
  11. lobelia
  12. yohimbe

As always, make sure to read the labels of any supplement you are taking, and do your due diligence to investigate any ingredients you are unfamiliar with.

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Losing Belly Fat and Your Waistline

Losing Belly Fat and Your Waistline

Countless individuals have been fighting the uphill and arduous battle to trim their waistline for years. Your midsection is one of the toughest areas to slim down, and often the most difficult to maintain.

Losing abdominal fat and losing weight in general have become even more of a challenge in recent years as obesity hits epic proportions across the nation, as well as across the world in industrialized nations.

Recent studies have indicated more than 67% of Americans are overweight, and over one-third of them are obese. Obviously, this has major health implications, as well as an impact on your overall well being.

Everyone knows that excess body fat contributes to generally poor health, but excess belly fat has even more specific impacts and risks associated with it.



The truth about belly fat

Excess belly fat increases your risk of:

Heart disease

Breast cancer


Metabolic syndrome

Gallbladder problems

High blood pressure

Colorectal cancer

So what really are effective Abdominal Fat Burners?

No doubt you’ve heard of just about everything imaginable to help you lose abdominal fat. From gadgets and gimmicks to, pills, potions and magic berries, to endless cardio routines, and crazy diets in every form imaginable. Few, if any, of these ever work. The hard truth is, there is no magic bullet, and following the wrong kinds of misinformation can make your problem worse.

There are many factors that come into play for an overall solution, and standing alone, none of them are very effective in their own right. Getting the best results requires a combination of things that work in tandem. With regard to their impact on body composition and body fat, there’s really no debate as to whether certain things come into play. These major factors include diet and nutrition, exercise, and genetics. Debate arises when talking about:

– What types of exercises are best and how much do I need?

– What kinds of food and diets are most beneficial, and in what quantities?

– Do my genetics pre-dispose me to a certain body type and composition?

Obviously, every individual is different, but factors that ARE UNDER YOUR CONTROL deal with the correct types of food choices and right types of exercises. These can make your quest for losing belly fat, and making a flat stomach and a toned body a reality.

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Teen Weight Gain May Mean More Adult Belly Fat

Source:  Amy Norton, Reuters

A new study suggests that young adults who gained too much weight as teenagers tend to have greater amounts of deep abdominal fat — a risk factor for heart disease later in life.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A new study suggests that young adults who gained too much weight as teenagers tend to have greater amounts of deep abdominal fat — a risk factor for heart disease later in life.

The findings, reported in the journal Diabetes, add to evidence that overweight and obese teens may face elevated heart risks by middle age.

Swedish researchers found that among 612 men ages 18 to 20, those whose body mass index (BMI) increased the most during adolescence tended to have the greatest amounts of visceral fat — deep “hidden” fat that surrounds the abdominal organs and is particularly linked to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

These same men also typically had more superficial abdominal fat — fat layers just below the skin that, while linked to health risks, are a weaker risk factor than visceral fat.

Meanwhile, greater BMI changes in late childhood were linked to adulthood levels of superficial belly fat only.

The findings suggest that preventing excessive weight gain in adolescence, in particular, may help control visceral fat accumulation later on, according to Dr. Jenny M. Kindblom and her colleagues at Gothenburg University.

So even if childhood BMI is high, Kindblom told Reuters Health, there may be benefits to preventing further increases during adolescence.

Because visceral fat is tied to heart disease and its risk factors, the findings also suggest that large BMI changes in the teen years could affect a person’s cardiovascular health later on, Kindblom said.

This study, she added, cannot show whether this is the case, but it is an “interesting” question for future research.

SOURCE: Diabetes, April 2009.

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