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Yesterday I decided to change up my routine and used the bar that is attached to the metal frame and put 10 lbs weights on both sides.  I did lunges and squats.  I did 4 sets of 25 rep.  for each move.

I felt my heart rate go up and I was sweating, which I wasn’t feeling anymore in my routine using the machines. 

Today I am really sore and feel my glutes and hamstrings muscles. 

I hope that changing my routine will help me get over my plateau.  I am trying to break out of the 160’s to get into the 150’s. 

I want to tone my tummy and love handles, I am doing sit ups on the ball and planks and using the kettle ball.

I have notice that I have lost inches around my sides.  I need advice for targeting the lower ab. 

Should I do the reverse sit-ups on the the bars?Smile


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I don’t know what machine you are using?  Is it the Smith machine?  reverse sit ups on a bar I don’t understand at all – just do them off the floor

Also I say get off the machines completely and go with free weights.  Barbells, dumbbells and even body weight.  

Also spot reducing isn’t possible, do full body workouts to get full body reshaping.  


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It sounds like you are using the smith machine.  It’s a terrible machine and dbackerfan is right, you are far better off using free weights – a barbell or dumbbells.  Even if you use an empty bar, you are doing a lot more than you can with a smith machine, because you are relying on your own stability, not a stationery machine.  Get some help from one of the trainers at your gym and/or check out New Rules of Lifting for Women or Female Body Breakthrough.  And 4 sets of 25 is just plain too many reps, you are far better off using a heavier weight and fewer reps. 


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You had the right idea, just the wrong execution. Squats and lunges are great, but as previously mentioned, avoid the Smith Machine. Use an actual barbel in the squat rack.

One thing I did want to mention, is that if you really want to lose fat around your mid section, it all stems back to what you are eating. No amount of exercises that work your core are going to get rid of the fat you want to lose on top. They are simply getting your core stronger. How many calories are you taking in per day? A lot of people end up not eating enough. You have to make sure you are taking in enough calories to match your level of activity and that you keep a small calorie deficit (500-700 under maintenance). Also, you want to avoid processed foods and refined sugars. Instead of white rice, bread, spaghetti, etc stick with whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat spaghetti, whole wheat bread, etc). Finally, are you getting enough fat in your diet and how much protein are you taking in? Healthy fats (mono-unsaturated/poly-unsaturated) found in sources like olive oil, natural peanut butter, almonds, avocado, fish oil, etc are not only extremely good for you, but they help with body fat loss. A lot of people avoid fat, because they think eating fat will make them fat. Fat is an important part of your diet.

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Heavy Equipment Safety Training College to Deliver Train-The-Trainer Instructor Certification for Yukon Mining Association

TMCNet:  Heavy Equipment Safety Training College to Deliver Train-The-Trainer Instructor Certification for Yukon Mining Association

CAMROSE, AB, Mar 8, 2011 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) —
Yukon Mine Training Association (YMTA) launches a second year of training partnership with their delivery agent, Northern Safety Network Yukon training Heavy Equipment Safety Trainers to work in the Yukon mining industry.

Located in Whitehorse, YMTA’s objective is to work with mining companies, industry service providers, First Nation governments, Territorial and Federal governments and academic institutions to bring training and jobs together.

According to Executive Director Sheila Sergy, of Northern Safety Network Yukon (NSNY), “We’ve been very pleased with High Velocity Equipment Training’s curriculum and support especially the train-the-trainer component. High Velocity’s Train-The-Trainer program and ongoing support has allowed NSNY to deliver two successful training programs so far. Our focus is to develop capacity in the communities and support livelihood-development in a competitive market. We are committed to developing more training opportunities such as the 12-week heavy equipment program supplied by High Velocity Equipment Training.”

Sergy goes on to say, “High Velocity Equipment Training has not only supplied us with outstanding heavy equipment safety training and easy-to-use heavy equipment curriculum but has also provided a very comprehensive Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Instructor Certification program. This program was a perfect fit for us because not only did we need classroom-theory and hands-on equipment training…. but we also needed training for our instructors to teach the curriculum. We are currently training aboriginal men and women to become heavy equipment instructors and therefore role models in their communities. Our instructors were very impressed last year with the TTT program and we are excited to send our new trainers this year…I will be attending the graduation ceremony in Camrose, AB.”

Based in Camrose, AB. High Velocity Equipment Training offers TTT Instructor Certification to industry training departments, safety training organizations and non-profit associations. “Our TTT program is mobile and can now be taught anywhere says Shayne Bonnough, CEO of High Velocity Equipment Training. We turn good heavy equipment operators into fantastic facilitators so they can share their stories with new graduates and possibly save a life. Our certified trainers must be strong in both the classroom theory and the intensive field exercises, which is a rare combination for this industry.”

Darryl Tamagi, General Manager of High Velocity Equipment Training says “This mobile TTT program allows us to reach out to many remote areas to offer training capacity.” Tamagi adds, “We have high demand from the industry for our graduates. Employers now want both the hard-skills or operational-skills combined with the soft-skills or teamwork-skills. The cost of training a new-hire today combined with all insurance costs and liability of having an uncertified hot-head or poorly trained employee on the job-site…. means that human resource departments in oil, gas and mining are placing high value on a balanced scorecard…..of emotional-skills, safety-skills, operational-skills and life-skills together!”

Sheila Sergy of NSNY says, “This training is unique in how it helps our students look at their personal beliefs in order to make a career-choice, rather than just getting a job to get to the next pay-cheque. Last year our instructors described the TTT program as very intense and our trainers brought that intensity back home to the students we trained here in the Yukon! We are very proud to be working with the support of YMTA and with partners like High Velocity Equipment Training so we can build training capacity and help individuals and our communities prosper.”

The TTT Instructor Certification Program runs from Feb 28th to March 11th in Camrose AB. Invitation to graduation ceremony can be requested.

SOURCE: High Velocity Equipment Training Ltd.

For video or photos: High Velocity Equipment Training Ltd., 1-866-963-4766 Head
Office, 1-208-687-2937 direct cell, Shawn@heavymetaltraining.com,

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Fitness Gear Review: Gold’s Gym Fitness Ball

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Physical exercise is an Efficient Bodyweight Loss program

Your own desire to lose weight fast is common among millions of obese people these days. Actually, most of the overweight guys do not even want to alter their diet regime as well as don’t want to exercise however they want to lose weight as easy as possible. Nevertheless, if you desire a quick weight loss you need to work with this. Positive thing, you are able to currently do it all on your own now.

Very first, do not push yourself to stop eating. Zero gram calorie content material goods are really bad for your body. Consuming no calorie may significantly impact your metabolism. There are meals along with lower calories and yet more calories from fat are essential to lose this as soon as consumed. In this way, your body should work harder to process these food types — thus, it’s losing fat instead of storing this. There’s still just a little alter of diet plan necessary to help to make points work for you. For better help, search for fat-burning foods that needs your body to make use of more calories in order to absorb the meals. Here are a few:

Rapid loss of weight is achievable within an apple a day. Indeed, eating fresh celery promotes weight loss since they are fiber rich. Apples don’t only assist you to melt down fat, but they possess a large amount of advantages; this reduces bloodstream ldl cholesterol, helps prevent heart strokes, well with regard to digestive function — therefore for intestinal function improvement and much more.

Coffee beans
Beans are great protein sources for muscles develop. As you may know, muscle mass cells burn up a lot of calories in a higher price. Coffee bean dietary fiber is also a highly effective assisted in the assimilation of fat. Therefore, consuming beans gives you a lesser tendency to keep fat that adds to your weight.

Apart from its ability to burn calories from fat, fat-burning food like celery may help lower cholesterol levels in your blood, thus, making it much more neat and secure in your body. The carrot is filled with beta-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C which is great for well balanced nourishment. Cancer and arthritis are just few of the chronic diseases that carrots might treat.

Tuna accelerates your own metabolism by decreasing the amount of leptin within your body. An improved method of rapid loss of weight is by assisting your body burn fat faster.

These fat-burning meals are best used should you really wanted a fast weight loss. They’ve got everything you need to slim down whilst not doing the ab crunches as well as oblique’s exercises you detest. If you want much more, the following are fat-burning foods; chicken, eggs, mangoes, oatmeal, skim milk, turkey as well as tomatoes.

For more information about weight loss tips, safe weight loss pills and safe weight reduction supplements, visit http://esafeweightloss.com.

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Rocky-Inspired Ab Workouts

How do I delete topics and conditions for someone in my Care Circle?

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Article source: http://www.ivillage.com/rocky-inspired-ab-workouts/4-h-329220?dst=iv%3AiVillage%3Arocky-inspired-ab-workouts-329220

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