Obesity is an Epidemic

You see it every day, news and information that bring to the front our problem with our weight. It is a national problem.  And it’s not just in America.  Nations all across the world are becoming heavier, largely in part to the ‘Westernization’ of their diets and the availability of fast food. It’s not just your older sedentary population; it’s not just your overworked middle-age population; and it’s not just your nerdy teenage population. It is a national epidemic. The first question I always have, is how did we get here? How did we go from one of the most physically fit nations, to just wallowing in our weight?

Over the last thirty years, food nutritionists and the food industry as a whole have championed the idea of lowering our fat intake. This was a direct result of the information published by the government that encouraged less egg consumption because of the cholesterol found in eggs. After that particular piece of information, doctors began to discover that when we consume fat, we have higher incidences of cholesterol problems. The logical conclusion: fat must be bad for you. And so, an entire generation as grown up with fat-free foods. An entire generation grew up believing that fat was what made us fat, clogged our arteries, and generally caused ill-health.

So what did we do? We switched to carbs to make up for the loss in taste of food that had the fat removed.  Fat is what gives many of our foods their delicious taste. When you remove the fat, the taste must be artificially injected into the food. The end result is a food that is higher in carbohydrate content, but lower in fat. Hence, all the wonderful labels displaying the claim of fat free but neglect to mention the higher level of carbohydrates. Lowered fat should have created a population of slim, trim, healthy people. Right?

We could not have been further from the truth.  In reality, fat is a necessary part of our metabolic processes.  We need the fat in order to properly utilize many of the vitamins and nutrients we consume.  When did we make this discovery?  Probably some thirty years too late for some people.

Now, we have an entire generation of young people, who have because of their high carbohydrate food choices, become a nation of obese adults.  Never before has a nation recorded the kind of obesity problems this nation is facing now.  Never before have we ever had so much, to have so little.  These young people are experiencing low self-esteem, weight related health problems, and whole host of emotional problems, thanks to obesity issue.  How can we try to help them correct this problem?

You can setup a journal for recording your daily caloric intake for about a month.  Make a note of your weight each day.  If you don’t gain any weight during the course of that month, you’re eating your recommended calorie level in order to maintain your weight.  Now, take that calorie information, use the food pyramid and comprise a combination of foods that will help you achieve this recommended daily intake, and still be enough to be filling and tasty. You now have an individualized healthy eating plan.  This is the safe sure way to reach weight loss goals.  It didn’t become a problem overnight, and it won’t go away overnight.

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How To Choose The Perfect Gym For You

For health-conscious individuals, all roads lead to a gym, which serves all their fitness goals. In the last decade, we have witnessed a stupendous growth in number of gyms and fitness centres across the world, all housing modern equipment for the benefit of their clients. They have an ever increasing number of patrons, and the list doesn\’t just include professional bodybuilders or sportsmen. They are in fact packed with fitness conscious people, who are men and women of all age groups and from all walks of life.

However, some unethical companies try to cash in on the gym culture by opening unprofessional centres that have no proper equipment, and people can risk their health by visiting such places. Thus, there are some important considerations that you must keep in mind while selecting a gym.

Firstly, the location of the gym is very significant. It is always convenient if the gym is close to your workplace or residence, as having to travel too far can affect your motivation negatively. You have to figure out if the gym is properly air conditioned, has cordial staff and a appropriate layout to give the members a satisfying workout experience. The interiors should give ample room and comfort as well. The standard of the gym in terms of state of the art machines and services must be checked as working on sub standard equipment can be very risky.

A gym having additional services like sauna baths should be a preferred choice. Day care centres are also available in some gyms, which provide parents with some time for work outs.

Find out gyms that have personal training services so that you can use exclusive expert advice. Personal training sessions will take care of your individual requirements in terms of a fitness plan and keep you charged up. Dedication, focus and easy accessibility of personal trainers are crucial so that you get the best value for your money.

A gym whose registration charge stretches your budget or seems to be much higher given the facilities it offers must not be selected. Flexible and long term packages offered by some gyms are especially helpful in fitting the expense within your budget, but try to avoid too long a lock-in period.

In short, your gym must be such that frequenting it daily and exercising in it must be a pleasant and reinvigorating experience for you, and this must be the prime parameter for your selection of the gym.

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Rapid Weight Reduction Plan – The Key Factors Of A Rapid Weight Loss

A success in following a rapid weight loss routine could be the best experience that ever happens for every seriously over-weight person. Being over-weight can affect you in various ways, you might feel depressed, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and feeling physically limited.

I know a friend who had experiences of being affected so much by her bulky figure but gain a ton of positive changes once she experience weight loss. And, it is for a similar reason that many people are searching for a rapid weight loss program that will lose some pounds for them to feel in control of their life again.

Many people feel embarrass talking about having weight related problems. It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor prior to starting taking any weight loss drugs or supplements to lose weight naturally. The consultation results also may help identify the limitation or any health restrictions that you ought to aware of so you would not having problem.

The key factors for a rapid weight loss to happen are by eating right and being physically active. And, that mean know what you need to eat, how much is enough, when to eat and doing more physical movement activities.

To get started here are few tips which will help you lose weight quickly:

1. Plan your meal.

Eating right or healthy eating is always the first point to begin when you wish a rapid weight loss to happen. You might want to consult your doctor for a recommendation on what sort of diet should you follow. Your doctor would likely request you to keep away from fried foods, take more fruits and vegetables, take more fibers and lower your sugar intake.

To be able to create a meal plan that best suit to your need, you will need to get the ideas of manipulating curbs and calories intake in what you eat. When you have no confidence in planning your meal all on your own, there are plenty of source where one can get help on this topic. And, if you would like it to be easy, joining a program that offers a \”Rapid weight loss diet\” would be just perfect.

2. getting more physically active.

There exists a traditional perception that links intense exercise with rapid weight loss. Many people believe so as to experience a rapid weight loss; you have to do some intense exercises, which is not true. However, it is a fact that exercise helps a great deal to keep the metabolism burning the extra fat. Thus, your exercise routine should be suitable to your need.

Getting more physically active to lose weight quickly lacks to be with strength training exercises or doing a marathon. Remember; do not force yourself doing intense exercise. Intense workout does not help if your body cannot take it. Should you be staying on a diet supposedly to allow you to lose weight quickly, some light exercises like a 30-minute walk everyday would be enough.

3. Drink plenty of plain water.

We must drink enough water to enable all the functions within the body to work quick and efficiently. Drinking plenty of water forces you to feel more energetic and boost metabolism, thus a well-hydrated body is important in order to lose weight quickly.

One who does not drink enough water may causes her or his body to crave for fluid, that may be mistaken as hunger and one may eat when he or she is actually thirsty. Drinking plenty of water benefits weight loss in lots of ways; increase metabolism, boost energy level, less water retention and regulate appetite.

An average person should drink 8 glasses of plain water per day, but if you\’re on diet and being physically active, you are suggest consuming more.

4. Self-motivation.

Self-motivation is another key factor for anyone to succeed in following a rapid weight reduction plan. Fairly that one starts following weight reduction but never finish it.

What might you do when motivation to stick to your healthy diet going down? If this happen, try considering the use of maintaining a healthier weight. It probably will boost your self-motivation again. Remember that you seem to live a longer life following healthy diets.

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Lifestyle Change – Best Weight Loss Diet Programs

Weight Loss is tough enough without adding anymore negative thoughts into it. The term Diet must be taken off from our vocabularies and substituted for Lifestyle Change! Thus how should we do it?

The initial step in any lifestyle change is to make a decision to change and stay with it. Losing weight is really a mindset. It is literally all in our heads! You have to be prepared to state no and stay to your guns. It’s easy to state okay it’s time to shed weight and then six hours later your completing the food crumbs off from a sizable bag of chips. So develop a plan of action. For the best weight loss you need to prepare yourself. Get yourself a journal and write almost everything straight down from what you have consumed to exactly what you are going to eat and stay with it.

Virtually any weight loss program that claims spectacular weight loss in a brief period of time is not good for you and also the short-term and long-term effects are dangerous for your health. Therefore you are even worse off then whenever you began as well as your metabolic process is slower which makes it perhaps more difficult for your best weight loss.

Formulate Good Exercise Routines. The right diet is the very first key to lose weight. But to find the best weight loss you must build great exercise habits. Aerobic exercise should be incorporated directly into your lifestyle change as well as weight lifting. Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart, burns calories, lowers stress, boosts our frame of mind, fights PMS symptoms. There are plenty of many advantages aside from weight loss. Half an hour of low-impact aerobics 3-5 times per week is crucial for your ideal weight loss program. Weight lifting is also a essential key. So many women have the misconception that when they lift heavy weights they will “get buff”. That simply isn’t the truth. We are not men. Lifting light to moderate weight tones up the body and improves our metabolism so that we turn out to be fat loss, weight loss machines.

Once you ultimately reach the targeted weight, do not go back to your same exact bad habits. It’s alright to consume a few of the foods of course you like, just do not stuff yourself with them. It’s all about escaping from the never-ending weight loss cycle. Keep all of the great habits you have developed and if you find yourself thinking that it’s okay to binge or slip back, think about all the blood, sweat, and tears it took you to get where you stand. Guaranteed you will consider your hand out of the cookie jar and get onto the elliptical machine! Maintain and never return back!

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How To Beat The Disgusting Nuisance Of Tubbiness

Because you clicked on the title of this article, and are reading it now, you likely have a weight problem of some sort. Well, welcome to the most popular club in America today. Two thirds of American adults are overweight, or clinically obese.

And being overweight doesn’t come by itself. It brings along all kinds of other health problems with it.Of course, without the extra weight, many of these problems will vanish.

So why are we so fat? Were Americans always fat or is it just a recent thing? If took a look back a hundred years or so, you’d notice that very few people were fat back then. What was different?

First of all, peoples lifestyles were much different back then. People had much more active lives. Most people had to work hard physical labor to make a living. Today most people sit at a desk.

Those of us that go to the gym, even several times a week, don’t work out nearly as hard as people used to do for a living. We just don’t get the exercise that we used to.

The second, and much more complicated reason is that the food we eat today is vastly different than the food we ate a hundred years ago. Before, most of the food people at was very fresh, and grown locally.

Contrast that to now, when most everything you can find to eat has been processed, chemically altered, and filled with preservatives. This can’t be good for us.

The problem is, we have little choice in the food we eat on a regular basis. Finding fresh, locally grown food is not only difficult, but extremely expensive if you can find a natural grocer nearby.

All the food you can find today, no matter where you get it, is likely filled with preservatives and chemicals.

It’s no surprise then, why we are becoming a nation of obese people. We are kept at desks, fed unhealthy food, and then shamed for being overweight. It’s not our fault.

The biggest scam is that there are corporations and companies that make billions of dollars every year from selling you food that makes you fat and unhealthy.

But when you figure out how to eat healthy, and get a little bit of exercise, you can start to take your life back, little by little. It may take a little motivation and willpower, but it’s your life. It’s important.

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