The Truth Behind Popular Weight Loss Myths

Every month when the latest installments of health magazines hit the shelves, the world is smothered in weight loss tips. Most of these tips are not reliable and some can even be dangerous. Yet, people continue to suck up this gibberish and are harmed by it.

As a general rule, tips that encourage the use of drugs or supplements will not work. Also, any tip that supports a “fad diet” will usually backfire. Stick to tips that encourage healthy eating and regular exercise. Here is the truth about three common weight loss myths.

One of the most common weight loss myths is as follows: you will be able to see a reduction in your body fat. False! In truth, you cannot actually lose any fat without liposuction or a surgical procedure. Fat cells will only shrink and flatten out. All of your belly fat will stay on your belly.

Here is the good part: while your fat cells are shrinking, your muscles are expanding and strengthening. This combination is what gives people that lean toned look that everyone desires. If you find a diet and exercise plan that is working for you, stick to it!

Unfortunately, a large amount of people believe that the only way to lose weight is to simply stop eating. While it is true that you should reduce your calorie intake while trying to lose weight, starvation will get you nowhere. Cutting too many calories will actually cause you to gain weight.

The reason for this is simple: when you do not eat enough, your body thinks that it is being starved and it will actually store extra fat to prepare for the lack of food. Starvation diets will actually move you further away from your goal.

The last myth is that only cardio exercise will cause you to lose weight. While it is true that cardio exercises will help you lose weight, keep in mind that it is not the only type of exercise that will cause you to lose weight. Exercise like aerobics and Pilates will also result in weight loss.

Eventually, a body will adapt to an exercise routine. Therefore, a combination of all four types of exercise will provide someone with the best results. Nobody said that losing weight was going to be easy, but once someone starts to lose the weight, it makes it easier for that person to stick to their routine.

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