Top Three Ab Exercises

Do you want to look down and see the ever elusive 6-pack on your belly? Have you been spending hours in the gym doing stomach crunches trying to bring out those abs? You may be wasting your time doing the wrong

 exercises. While a large majority of obtaining a 6-pack is done in the kitchen with diet to minimize body fat percentages, you still need to be performing the right ab exercises efficiently and effectively to bring out the abs and develop core strength.

The American Council on Exercise did a study on the most effective ab exercises and you may be surprised to find out that the standard crunch was not one of the most effective ab exercises. So if you have been spending your time doing crunches now is the time to move to different ab exercises and start making a difference.

Ab Exercise #1: The Captains Chair

The Captains Chair was deemed the most effective with a mean activity level of a whopping 310%. This activity targets the obliques a little more than the rectus abdominus but is still the most effective ab exercise overall. The only drawback of this activity is that it requires equipment to do so you must be in a gym with a captains chair unless you are lucky enough to have one at home. If you have never seen a captains chair, it looks like a chair with no seat and the arm rests are up high so your feet do not touch the ground. To perform this activity you stand in the captains chair with your elbows on the padded armrests and lift your feet into the air putting all your weight on your elbows. Slowly lift your knees toward your chest. Repeat this for the desired number of reps. Be careful when adding this to your routine as you may be quite sore the next day

Ab Exercise #2: Bicycle Maneuver

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